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  • Writing Across the Curriculum- 9 Best Practices

    Students are struggling more than ever with their writing capabilities, and this is troubling district and federal education leaders – along with just about everyone else. Should writing skills be taught across the curriculum? At the end of the proverbial, K-12 school day, why is student writing ability important? Whose responsibility is it to teach […]

  • The What Works Clearinghouse

    For the past 20 years, the Institute of Education Science (IES) has funded research on a variety of educational practices that are evidence-based; in the past decade, these practices have been published as guides. In this blog, we review Teaching Secondary Students to Write Effectively ( The two figures in this blog appear in this […]

  • Online Writing Assessment – How To Generate Improvement

    Teachers can improve student writing by creating effective prompts, providing strategic feedback, and evaluating student essays efficiently.

  • How to Show Writing Improvement

    Dr. Gerald Tindal, University of Oregon Anyone who teaches writing, knows that student improvement is not only the goal, but also the most difficult accomplishment to achieve. In part, this difficulty arises because of the many genres and dimensions involved in evaluating writing. Furthermore, improvement is directly reflected in the measures we use (e.g., how […]

  • How to Optimize In-Class Peer Editing to Help Improve Student Writing

    How to Optimize In-Class Peer Editing to Help Improve Student Writing

    Andy Block, Edtentive Media LLC Peer editing is a powerful teaching tool that teachers can use in their virtual and in-person classrooms to help students improve their writing. Generally, peer editing of students’ writing is a multi-part activity. First, the students produce a piece of writing. Then, the teacher guides them through the process of […]

  • 7 Easy Tips for Saving Time Grading Papers for 5th-12th Grade Teachers

    Andy Block, Edtentive Media LLC Grading papers takes up so much unnecessary time that could be spent making a valuable impact on students or planning your next lesson. Wouldn’t you want to shorten the amount of time spent grading papers to spend more meaningful time with your students?  Time was scarce prior to the pandemic […]